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Hi! I’m Maximilian Hart, and I’m a fellow D&D Dungeon Master.

Ultimately, d20 Digest is a community to bring Dungeon Masters together to swap resources, stories, and ideas to make our games better.

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There are so many amazing resources out there for us DMs that it can be hard to keep up. I wanted to add my voice to the mix, but in a bite-sized way … I’m pretentious but not too pretentious.

At first, I thought: “What about a little email tidbit? Just a tiny suggestion that a DM could take and incorporate in a game that very night without working too hard?”

And then, browsing through a few sites to see the latest, I thought, “Man it’d be nice to be able to go to one place to keep up with all of these.”

A light bulb went off, and a few days later this newsletter was born! Three times a week, I scour the Internet to find what’s new and useful for you, a DM. I couple it with a quick tip you can use in your very next game, and drop it in your inbox.

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Maximilian Hart
I’m a teacher and learner who loves a good story, likes making things, and uses Oxford commas.